Administrative Management


We offer management and advice for any administrative process related to public authorities.

Administrative Management

In Gestroía Cantón, we do not believe than any client is insignificant. Our team of professionals is in constant training in order to be up-to-date with all processes and paperwork required by public authorities.


Administrative Documentation

Processing of deeds, birth certificates and death certificates, property registration, registration in the Commercial Registry, subsidies, etc.

Administrative Documentation

Our professional team is qualified for the resolution of various procedures for individuals, the self-employed and small & medium-sized businesses required by public authorities.

Vehicles and Transport

Registration, forms for buying and selling, de-registration of vehicles, importation, vehicle reports, tachographing, transport permits and endorsements, requests for special plates and signs, environmental stickers, etc.

Your Financial Advisor in El Ejido

Who are we for?

Gestoría Cantón offers comprehensive assessment for your company, whatever its size or sector. A highly-qualified team of professionals are at your service to offer up-to-date advice.


We offer financial, labour and accounting advice for both small and large businesses.


If you are thinking of starting a business or you need advice about registering as self-employed or business plans.


We take care of paperwork and administrative procedures related to government agencies.

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