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We are at your disposition in order to help you with any administration you may need to carry out.

Administrative Management

In Gestroía Cantón, we do not believe than any client is insignificant. Our team of professionals is in constant training in order to be up-to-date with all processes and paperwork required by public authorities.


Administrative Documentation

Processing of deeds, birth certificates and death certificates, property registration, registration in the Commercial Registry, subsidies, etc.

Tax Returns

We help you with the preparation and presentation of individual tax returns. Put yourself in the hands of professionals.


Registration, forms for buying and selling, de-registration of vehicles, importation, vehicle reports, tachographing, transport permits and endorsements, requests for special plates and signs, environmental stickers, etc.

 Financial Products 


We work with the insurer AXA, given that we share with them the intention to create solid and trustworthy relationships based on closeness to our clients.

Asset Management

We help you to manage your wealth and to study your investments in order to be able to obtain the greatest profitability for your assets according to your needs and preferences.


We firmly believe in the need to allocate some of our income as savings, whatever our age. We must evaluate the best way to do it in order to achieve the highest profitability possible, given that this will be the key to guarantee us a dignified retirement.


Bulevar de El Ejido, 216 | 04700
El Ejido, Almería.
950 48 96 52

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