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Whether you work from home or have a small business, you don’t have to feel alone.

Accounting and Tax

Get to know our accounting and tax advice department.


Get to know our employment advice department.

Insurance Management

We offer you insurance policies for your business.


Business Plans

Often we find brave business-people adrift in a sea of doubts and uncertainties. Bureaucracy can deplete the energy and enthusiasm of anyone, but we don’t want frustration to overcome you.

Coming up with an idea for a business is an arduous task for which we want to lend you our assistance from the beginning of your project. Our consultancy will take care of all procedures and paperwork so that you can focus on what interests you most: that your business grows.

We help you to set up your business from scratch. Tell us your idea and we will support you with an analysis of its technical and economic viability. Establishing a good business plan will help you to obtain a good customer portfolio and to achieve success in your activity.


We look after the arrangement of all procedures related to transport: transport cards, licences, permits, driving licences, requests for special plates, etc.

We also deal with requests for digital tachographs, which are obligatory for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes or which can transport 9 or more persons including the driver.

It is important to leave in the hands of professionals all the documentation for transport authorisation and endorsement, since erroneous processing of them can lead to considerable sanctions and fines.



Due to our geographical location, the majority of our clients belong to the agricultural sector. This obliges us to constantly be on the look-out for subsidies and aid that could be offered.

It is the perfect moment to lay the way for new generations of farmers, to modernise farm holdings, to support sustainable agriculture. With these objectives, we look towards the future.

 Data Protection 

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in effect since May 2018, is a directly-applied law which affects all equally.

All businesses which collect personal data, be it bills or delivery notes, employment contracts, sending emails, even the use of media which control the activity of workers by new technology (CCTV, biometric control, etc.). Because of this, it is obligatory to comply with the law and that each business can count on a representative for the data protection.

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